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1515208Come and experience the beauty and wonders of the national parks of Victoria. From culturally wealthy historic attractions to superb mountains, diverse climates, and endangered species found nowhere else in the world –the national parks in Victoria, Australia’s honor you, the visitors, and invites you to connect with the unique character of these beautiful creatures.

With the proud support of our partners including the Consumer Affairs Department and Permit Ready Permit Approved Developments in Sydney and Brisbane along with the University of Sydney.

CNPNC is a nonprofit cooperating council working in partnership with the Australia’s National Park Service. Proceeds from our park stores support interpretation, educational programs, research projects, publications, and cultural activities. CNPNC has a mission to promote, protect and introduce the national park systems all over the world. Our initial focus was to increase effectiveness of organisations that shares the same interest in national parks; over time our work has extended and has covered several management tasks with regards to developing and improving the beauty of nature and establishes future national parks.

CNPNC has been known as conservation organisation for more than 22 years, has more than 12 network branches, hundreds of active volunteers all over Australia with no less than 20,000 supporters.

Learn more about our vehicle and transportation work or our tree program.

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