CNPNC was founded in 1988 as a national body combined together as we coordinate and represents the voice and views of non-profit organisations concerned with protecting the natural environment and improving national parks. Affiliated with National Reserve Committee across Australia and is a member of WUCN (World’s Union for the Conservation of Nature).


  1. To liaise with any government or organisations on any matter relating to nature reservation and national parks.
  2. To dissect and identify priorities on how to promote the national parks across the country of Australia.
  3. To coordinate with government bodies having special interests protecting national parks to have regular communication.
  4. To engage and sponsor any educational researches in any field related to national parks.

CNPNC publishes educational books, materials and guides, funds visitors’ lounges and park playgrounds, provides information assistance, sponsors cultural shows, and helps support conservation efforts. Since its creation in 1988, the association has contributed over $12.5 million in overall support to the parks.

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